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Rancho Capote Cueva Fun Fun Eco Tour from Punta Cana

Visit the Spectacular Fun Fun Cave at Rancho Capote

Visit the Spectacular Fun Fun Cave at Rancho Capote

See Rancho Capote and explore the spectacular Cueva Fun Fun (cave) on this eco-friendly adventure tour.  En route to Rancho Capote, you'll travel through scenic landscapes of great natural beauty. The ranch itself has crops of citrus, pineapple, cacao and coffee, plus pastures for livestock and a variety of tropical animals.

Your tour takes you through the tropical landscape of the estate and into the fascinating underground world of the Fun Fun cave complex, led by expert guides.

You'll enjoy a rich breakfast with abundant tropical fruit, a horseback ride, a walk in the forest and an unforgettable journey of more than an hour in the Fun Fun cave, including swimming through a tunnel in one of the underground rivers, seeing petroglyphs and towering stalactites and stalagmites. Back above ground, there's a second hike to get back to the ranch to enjoy delicious typical Dominican food.

Due to the physical nature of this tour, you need to be in good physical shape. Sorry, no one under 11 years of age will be permitted and this tour is not handicap-accessible.

Rancho Capote Cueva Fun Fun Eco Tour from Punta Cana
Length: approximately 5 hours
Prices - including tax
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Adult Telephone Rate : $159.95
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(Ages 11-13):

5:00 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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The Tour

Your unforgettable adventure begins with a delicious and plentiful breakfast of fresh tropical fruits. Then you'll receive your special clothing and a brief training session by your guides to prepare you for entering the Fun Fun cave underworld.

There's a hike through a protected rainforest where the forest and small conical mountains intermingle in an ecosystem with one of the richest bio-diversities in the Antillean Caribbean. You'll finish the walk at a small crack in the ground that is one of a number of chimneys of the cave complex. Entrance to the cave is by reduction in rope rappel from a height of approximately 20 meters, assisted by your professional guide.

Once inside the cave, everyone turns off the lights on their safety helmets to experience the absolute darkness for a brief minute...truly a unique experience. Your guides lead you through the cave's tunnels and giant underground corridors. There are spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, lava, columns - the breathtaking perfection of the effect of water on the dissolution of the limestone that creates perfect crystals. You will observe how each estigmita emits a different sound, creating a veritable symphony in the bowels of the earth.

It won't be long until you begin to feel water between your feet, as you go into an underground river that includes a small tunnel to swim across. Heading back toward the surface from the depths of the cave, you'll appreciate the flutter of hundreds and thousands of bats as they become aware of your presence, observing their extraordinary role in the balance of ecology.

Soon you see the light at the end of the tunnel - the main output of Fun Fun, where the rivers run to see the light, licking the rocks. It is a spectacular place: large boulders, lush vegetation, nesting swallows, and most importantly, the legacy of Hispanic culture in the presence of petroglyphs, ancient rock art, religious magic, and the most important legacy of West Indian culture - the Taino.

You'll mount your horse to ride back to the ranch where you will enjoy a rich buffet of healthy and delicious food and native drinks before your return transfer to Punta Cana.

Cueva Fun Fun Geology

The cave is located in a karst, or limestone hill, formed in the period Miocene era Tertiary or Cenozoic (older than 20 million years). The limestone with calcium carbonate and sodium are dissolved by water, creating the caverns and caves in underground formations. The formation is the result of the underground Admiral River, which takes a longitudinal course about 7 miles long.

Speleology is the science studying the origin and evolution of the caves, as well as groundwater and speleothem life existing in these formations, emphasizing the stalactites, stalagmites, lava, fireplaces, columns, cave art and cave pearls, among others. In the specific case of Fun Fun, the speleothems have the following:

  • STALACTITES: formations caused by the dissolution of limestone rock by water, suspended from the ceiling, due to crystallization of carbonates dissolved in water, on contact with air inside the cave. The rock formed by the crystallization process is called crystallized calcite or limestone.
  • STALAGMITES: formations caused by the crystallization of carbonates dissolved with falling drops of water from the stalactites, whose formation is initiated on the floor of the caves, climbing up to join the stalactites to form a column.
  • COLADAS: the phenomenon resulting from the dissolution of limestone when water penetrates through fissures in the rocky walls, forming a ridgeway and other caving phenomena.
  • CHIMNEYS: when on the roof of the cave openings are formed by dissolving, allowing penetration of light inside the cave.
  • COLUMNS: when nature, through the process of caving, shows a perfect symmetry to join a stalactite and a stalagmite.
  • CALCITE: formed by crystallization of the carbonates. When the crystals are the reflection of light, there is a phosphorescence brightness or radiance of gold.

Flora & Fauna

The flora is sparse, usually found near the entrance, which loses its pigment chlorophyll by lack of sunlight. Wildlife is abundant, emphasizing fish, shrimp, insects, bats and birds. Both fish and shrimp are characterized by having no pigmentation and lack of vision by the lack of sunlight, so they develop a high sensitivity as a defense mechanism. Insects develop large antennas, like a tentacle, which serve as remote sensors to detect danger. Bats make the cave habitat par excellence, because they are nocturnal. Predominant in Fun Fun are frugivores, feeding on fruit. The birds that inhabit the cave are migratory and correspond to species of swallows, which come to nest in the winter (December to March mainly), building their nests near the entrance.

Rock Art

The rock art in the caves corresponds to pre-Columbian cultures and is classified into two types: petroglyphs (engravings on the rocks) and pictographs (paintings on rocks). In Cueva Fun Fun, petroglyphs are present as well as an anthropomorphic face on a stalagmite. There are petroglyphs at the entrance to the caves and pictographs in the depths. For pre-Hispanic cultures, the caves (or Guácara as they were called) were the residence of the gods and the spirits of the dead, and the way people communicate with them was through rock art. Indians inhabited the caves and the petroglyphs were expressions of cultures prior to the Taino, while pictographs were the work of the more advanced cultures, such as the Taino.

72 Hours Minimum Advance Booking Required. Minimum age is 11. Hotel pick-up is provided from most Punta Cana, La Romana and Bavaro hotels. Please provide your hotel name and address when making your reservation. Rates are per person in US dollars. Please order online or call to order or for more information.


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